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In the early 2000's our parent company, telecommunications contractor Clawson Communications, Inc., was mandated to begin using dust containment carts at hospital job sites in infection control areas. The commercially available carts were inefficient, cumbersome and broke down frequently. At best, these carts provided only a few months of repetitive service while visibly deteriorating after each use. Consequently, productivity dropped and labor costs increased.


The Problem: Commercially available carts were not designed for repetitive use. Keeping a clean and professional appearance was always a challenge.


The Solution: Engineer our own dust containment unit.


In February of 2003, the first prototype of the DUZcart was designed and built. It was put into use on our hospital job sites with huge success. While continuing to adapt the design to meet the needs of contractors working in the field, the current DUZcart model was created. Our carts quickly gained significant attention from hospital personnel and other trades. After years of declining requests to sell these units, a decision was made to make them available commercially. We were simply tired of telling people no.


Since starting commercial sales in 2009, DUZcarts have been sold to hospitals, contractors and inspectors across the United States and Canada.


DUZcart & Dust Containment Applications

DUZcarts can be used by anyone, in any industry, needing to contain dust and airborne pathogens using negative air while working in the ceiling:

Hospital Maintenance

Electric work




Fire Prevention

Air ducts

Facility Repairs


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